About Us

Company Mission:

Our mission is to create a world-wide luxurious brand that is timeless and does not go out of style. We want to put Dublin on the map to be recognised globally as a top designer capital of the world, and we plan to do it.

Company Vision:

Our vision is to focus on creating a diversity of luxury streetwear fashion. Made from high-quality materials, that will never go out of style. 

Business Description:

Dublin’s Very Own is a start-up Irish luxury clothing brand created in 2021.
Our name suggests our focus is to be the first designer brand that comes from our very own city, Dublin but yet recognised on a global level.
Dublin has never been branded as one of the many fashion capitals of the world. We have always been two steps behind with the latest trends and there are not a lot of Irish clothing brands out there that have been recognized globally. We found that there was a niche in the market to build a brand that could be recognised worldwide.

We will start off with a collection of hats and tracksuits and will expand our product portfolio successfully over time to become a well-known brand for fashion conscious young people. We want to ensure that our products have the best quality and will be designed in Dublin selecting the finest materials.
We will offer a range of high-couture products and a range of more affordable products that will be just as trendy as the items with a high price tag on them.

The company’s founder,  has been working for years on creating various designs that suits the demands of various people in the marketplace.  We want to build a brand that suits a diversity of people, as Dublin’s Very Own recognises the art in fashion and that clothes can be styled in many ways depending on who is wearing them….